Friday, March 27, 2009

Integrated Curriculum

Caption: In this picture Caitlyn, Morgan, and I are discussing integrated curriculum's.


In this project we were asked to discuss an integrated curriculum with our group members. Each person in the group had a different role in this discussion. Morgan was supposed to talk about and tell us why she believed that an integrated curriculum was a good thing. Caitlyn's role was to disagree with everything Morgan said, this was so that Morgan could make her argument stronger against someone who did not support an integrated curriculum. My role in the group was to ask questions about what Morgan was saying. This prompted her to go more in depth about an integrated curriculum and helped her to explain it better.

Reflection: This activity gave me and my group a greater understanding of an integrated curriculum as we were able to work together and ask questions about it so we could go deeper into the topic. This activity was very helpful because we were able to work together and by doing this we were able to share our ideas on an integrated curriculum and then discuss them so that everyone in the group understood it better. I enjoy these group projects and find them very helpful because you can compare ideas and then have a discussion about these ideas to determine what you believe to be true.


This activity was connected to goal number seven which states, "As people who are committed to thinking together with others in the search for truth, wisdom and beauty". The activity and goal number seven were related because in the activity we had to work with other groupmembers to find the knowledge of what we believed to be true for an integrated curriculum. Without the other people in the group and the discussion we had on an integrated curriculum, no one in the group would have had as deep of an understanding of an integrated curriculum as we had after being in the group together. We really worked together as a team in this activity to try to find a greater knowledge on integrated curriculum in schools and I do not believe the activity would have been nearly as successful if we did an activity on integrated curriculum by ourselves.

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