Thursday, March 26, 2009

Culture Cards

Caption: In this picture I am presenting my culture card.
In this picture I am presenting my culture card. The culture card was the first assignment that we had to do for the class and the assignment was done so that others in the classroom would learn our name and would learn at least three things about us. The criteria for this assignment included having at least three three-dimensional objects and putting things on our culture card that represented us. My culture card did not really have a lot of things on it, but it had two things that are very important to me. The first one being the picture of my girlfriend and I. We have been dating since the beginning of my Senior year of high school and she is the person that means the most to me. The Frisbee on my culture card is another important thing to me. I play Ultimate Frisbee for the college and it is something that I really enjoy being involved with, because it is something fun for me to do that gets my mind off the stresses of college.
I enjoyed doing this project because it allowed me to express to others in the classroom things that I enjoy and things that make me unique. It also allowed me to get to know the names and interests that other students in the classroom had. I enjoyed learning new things about the people in the classroom and I enjoyed learning all the things that make people unique. I really enjoyed this project because it allowed me to get to know my fellow students and it showed how diverse our classroom was.
This activity is related to goal number two which states "As people who value difference in human interactions, ideas and nature; who understand that identity is shaped by diversity, experiences, and environment; and who recognize that we must all work together to build a more just society". This activity is related to diversity because with the culture cards, each student was allowed to express themselves and this helped to show how diverse our classroom is. Seeing and recognizing the differences in each of the individuals in the classroom can allow each person to look at things from a different perspective, which can help everyone to see things more clearly.

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